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Why list your property on Pets Allowed? Check out the benefits:

  • Reach thousands of travel buyers. We get approximately one million hits each month
  • Pet travelers are an extremely loyal market - if they enjoy their stay, they will be back
  • Pet travelers spread the word. All pet owners know how difficult finding great pet friendly accomodations can be. When they find a great place, they tell their friends.

    What kind of listings are available?

    Two kinds: free or premium. Compare the features below:

    FeatureFree ListingPremium Listing ($0 - $99 per year)
    hotel name & address listingone listing (on city page)
    2 listings: on city page & state page,
    prominent position on both pages
    room rates & pet policyyesyes
    contact information    phone & web link    phone & web link
    description75 word max150 word max
    photo1up to 3
    user reviewsyesyes and also receive an email notification
    when a review of your property is submitted

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